05 January 2010

Group discussion

1.What strengths you have observed in the class during the teambuilding activity?
Everyone in the class is willing to participate and no one has been left out in any of the activities. The teamwork and the cooperation of the class is excellent and everyone is playing a part to solve the problem or to accomplish the task. Some of the class members do not mind the gender difference between the guys and the girls and everyone in the class all have the sprit in them to support and help their group in any way they can.
2.How are these strengths important in helping your class to succeed?
When we work as a team, we can help each other come up with even better ideas by commenting on our peer's ideas. We can also encourage each other in a team that is familiar with each other and a familiar team knows the strengths of their team and can assign the correct roles accordingly.
3.What other “ingredients” do you think is needed for a class to succeed as an effective team?
The guys in the team should interact more with the girls as they are soft-spoken and may have better ideas than the ones that have been contributed. The class members should also learn to be less self-centred. The class also needs to have more trust in their peers and listen to their ideas because every idea is a good idea.
4.How can the class apply these “ingredients” in its daily work? Which school value best fits that the team is trying to do?
We can use the trust in each other and we can work together to achieve something bigger and better. We also should be confident in ourselves and we should not hold back and we should not be embarrassed by anything that we have done.

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